The Gift of Hearing: Donating Hearing Aids

Donate old hearing aids this holiday season!


While keeping old hearing aids as a back-up is always useful, a generous and well appreciated option is to donate your hearing aids.

Used or unwanted hearing aids in any condition are gratefully accepted as donations by Today’s Hearing. If you have behind-the-ear aids that are in good shape, they can be donated and used as loaner aids for children or adults in need of hearing aids. Other hearing aids, particularly the in-the-ear hearing aids, are sent to a hearing aid manufacturer for credit towards purchasing loaner aids. (The manufacturer recycles the electronic components to make refurbished aids.) Some of our stock aids are also employed as teaching tools, either in demonstrations for patients and professionals, or in presentations to the public.

This year, Today’s Hearing has paired up with “Hearing For Haiti”, an organization that takes hearing aids directly to the children of Haiti who are in need of aids. Many of the donated hearing aids we receive will be taken personally by a fellow Audiologist to further our outreach program.

Who Can Donate Hearing Aids?

While any donations are more than appreciated, most are donated from the relatives of hearing aid users who have passed away, people who have purchased new aids and do not feel the need to keep the old ones, or people who have received cochlear implants and therefore do not need the aid(s) anymore.

Where Do I Send My Hearing Aids?

If donating your hearing aids sounds like something you would like to do this holiday season, please package and mail the hearing aids you wish to donate, along with your name and address, to our office (address listed below). Or please feel free to stop by and drop them off as well. You do not need to be a patient- any and all hearing aid donations will be accepted.

Source: The Gift of Hearing: Donating Hearing Aids

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