Batteries – The Most Important Hearing Aid Supply

hearing aid batteries and hearing aid accessories

While there are a number of accessories and supplies that keep your hearing aid working, batteries are the most important. Without batteries, your hearing aids would not even turn on. Since that very first battery operated birthday present, we are all experts on how to use, replace and care for batteries. Hearing aid batteries function differently than traditional mercury batteries.


What Kinds of Batteries Do Hearing Aids Use?


Most use disposable zinc-air batteries that are color- and number-coded for easy replacement. The size and style of your hearing aid will determine which battery type you need. The most popular kinds include:

  • 5 (red)
  • 10 (yellow)
  • 13 (orange)
  • 312 (brown)
  • 675 (blue)

Most drugstores carry replacement batteries; they can also be purchased from your Katy audiologist or ordered online.

Are Zinc-Air Batteries Different from Other Hearing Aid Battery Types?

Zinc-air batteries require oxygen to produce power. They come with a protective seal on the back; once this is removed, oxygen enters through tiny holes to activate them. The best audiologist in Katy recommends waiting at least a minute before placing the battery into your hearing aid.

How Long Will Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

How long your hearing aid battery lasts depend entirely on how long you are wearing your device each day and how much amplification you need. On average, batteries last five to seven days.

How Do You Know When Your Batteries Need to Be Changed?

The most obvious sign of a dead battery is if there is no sound coming out of your device. Other less clear signs include sound that is distorted or unclear and unusually low volume levels.

What Can Be Done to Extend Battery Life?

Below are some tips to help your batteries last as long as possible:

  • Store them at room temperature and avoid exposing them to moist or humid environments.
  • Keep them away from keys, coins and other metal objects that can cause them to short circuit or discharge.
  • Open the battery compartment door when you turn your hearing aids off for the evening to remove any moisture.

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Source: Batteries – The Most Important Hearing Aid Supply

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